Can't find Due with bossac or bossash

So I downloaded the Bossa & bossac off

I scanned the available ports with these are the options

bossa> scan
Checking port cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port...
Checking port cu.usbmodem1421...

So then I just want to check if bossac can connect with the device.

bossac -p cu.usbmodem1421 -i
No device found on cu.usbmodem1421

Any clue?

I'm on os x btw and the Arduino IDE can write to the Due fine.

Have you tried connecting the Due Native USB port with your PC? (Instead of the Programming one).



Ah, found the problem. I used bossac that came with the Arduino IDE and it worked. I guess the folks at Arduino made some minor modification or update.

The bossa from shumatech wouldn’t install on Windows 10 anyway. An interface is nice for newbies and easy to use. I might make one if I have the time.