Cant find I2C pins in ESP32

So, I bought this ESP32 and I am trying to add it on project that has an mpu6050 connected with I2C.
I cant find though the pins to connect the I2C. I read that usually in ESP32 the pins are 22,21 but mine doesn't have pin 21.

Does this ESP32 have I2C pins on board? If so, which of them are?

Thank you

Using an ESP32 you can designate your own SDA and SCL pins in Wire.begin() like this
Wire.begin(I2C_SDA, I2C_SCL); but be aware that some libraries may expect to find the I2C interface on the default pins

See ESP32 I2C Communication: Set Pins, Multiple Bus Interfaces and Peripherals | Random Nerd Tutorials

Its working perfectly with the library I am using. Thank you

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