Can't find library when running Linux (Solved)

Is this the right area to get help running the IDE under Linux?

I have been successfully using the Arduino IDE under Linux and downloading sketches to my nano and minis. I have a new sketch that requires Time.h. It compiles properly on my Windows machine, but the IDE doesn't find Time.h on my Linux machine, even though it is in the libraries folder and in the lib folder.

The error message is "fatal error: Time.h: No such file or directory"

I am a novice to the Linux file system, so I have no clue what is not happening. Do I need to move the library to some other location in Linux?

Dr Quark

Although the libraries were present, a couple of them weren't "installed." Duh.

Unfortunately, even when all required libraries were installed, I continue to get a glitch when accessing I2CIO, even though it is in the installed list.