Can't find Serial Plotter

I can not figure out how to open the Serial plotter on Chromebook. I'm using the web-based Arduino Create to write my code. All the tutorials I have researched showed opening it in "Tools" at the top. However, with the web-based Arduino Create I do not have that option.

I don't think the Arduino Create Chrome App has a Serial Plotter. At least the regular Arduino Web Editor does not have one (I've never used the Chrome App because I don't have a Chrome OS machine).

If you are seeing a tutorial showing it under the Tools > Serial Plotter menu, that is probably using the standard desktop Arduino IDE:

Unfortunately, the Arduino IDE is not compatible with Chrome OS out of the box.

It might be possible to do it, though it is probably pretty advanced:
Instructions here:

As an alternative to that approach, there is also an arduino_ide package in chromebrew.

Thank you! That answers my question. Thanks for the response.

You are welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

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