can't find the proper platform.txt

I have installed and programmed SAMD21

Now, I want to burn a bootloader on a brand new SAMD21. It does not work and I think this guy found a patch.

I want to patch platform.txt following his recommendation

I then installed 1.8.11 and that removed my old version 1.8.

I can't find platform.txt where are the SAMD21, well I did find it but it's old and doesn't even have SAMD and all my other boards in the file.

it's here

I open it and it's

name=Arduino AVR Boards

So I am lost, I search my computer for platforms.txt and boards.txt, nothing

I am looking for all these files after installing "Arduino SAMD Boards (32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+)"

for example I have installed Sparkfun SAMD21 since I am programming it, but can't find the boards.txt where you see the board in the file.

I am confused.

I have fresh win10 and just installed 1.8.12 and installed Arduino SAMD Boards (32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+) and still can't find the proper boards.txt and platform.txt

hey Jerome, this is Jerome from the basement with the win10 laptop

here is the file

to find it, you click files->preferences and click the bottom link with preferences.txt

1.8.6 is the samd version and not the arduino version

bought myself this 30$ Segger mini to program the bootloader. I was worth the 30$, got it working fairly easily with some little problems down the line but it was faster then my other method.