Can't find this kind of part

Hello Arduino Forum

I have this idea for a wrist watch and I thought it would be cool to use a RGB LED bar graph display.
Then I remembered I’ve actually never seen one before.

Does these kind of bar graph exist?
If they do, is there any way I can buy them?

I have only seen bi-colour bar graphs.

I haven’t seen any RGB bargraphs, either (but that doesn’t mean much, since I haven’t been looking).

There are some pretty small RGB LEDs on the market now. Small enough that you could make your own with a pitch (almost) as fine as commercial models, if you can do SMD work.

Well, I was hoping not to go down the smd lane

was hoping not to go down the smd lane

That’s almost impossible if you want to build a wrist watch, unless you have an unusually large wrist :slight_smile: