Can't get Arduino software to work on Student Machines

We have installed the Arduino software and all the drivers on all our computers in the computer lab. When I go in as a teacher, I can open the software just fine. But, when a student tries, the software opens for a couple of seconds and then closes. We think that students don't have the rights to write to the config file, so Arduino can't start. But, that's just a guess. Does anyone know a workaround?

Thanks a ton.

"so Arduino can't start" Do you mean the IDE on the pc cant start? The arduino is the little board. What cant start? are you using windows, or what? What network? Do you have a network supervisor that may be able to determine the problem?

Can you go in as teacher on one of the students stations?

Sorry, it's the IDE on Windows7. The network administrator is super busy and probably would say, "it can't be done." I think we are going to put the arduino.exe on the drive that everyone can see and have the students open it up from there.


Give the program administrator rights.