Can't Get Arduino To Print Messages

I am using simple code to check whether my RF transmitter/receiver setup works.
Was trying to use print messages as cues but nothing gets displayed on the screen.
I’m probably doing something that’s fundamentally wrong…please check attached code and verify


Transmitter.ino (525 Bytes)

Here’s the receiver code that’s actually supposed to print something… didn’t get attached for some reason

Receiver.ino (1.08 KB)

You most likely have a hardware problem, not a code problem.

I downloaded your code and up loaded the sketches into my 433 mhz transmitter and receiver modules.

This is what I saw on my Serial monitor

Device is ready
Received: Hello there
Received: Hello there
Received: Hello there
Received: Hello there
Received: Hello there

Please supply information on your modules, the Arduino you are using, and how you have the modules connected to your Arduino.

One way you can demonstrate to yourself that the problem is not with the code is to jumper from TX pin 12 on the transmitting Arduino to the RX pin 11 on the receiving Arduino. Run the Arduinos from two usb connections on the same computer, or else connect the grounds. If one Arduino does not say "Hello there" without the radios involved, you have a different problem.