CAN't get CAN to work... no pun intended :)

Hello there,

a part from the fact that it appears there is no complete/updated CAN-bus library for Arduino UNO, is there anybody with enough experience on this sort of thing to give me a hand troubleshooting?

I basically run: Arduino UNO Sparkfun CAN-bus shield ( which has a bad D-sub connector BTW, I'm using the headers on the board to connect the CAN node ) Peak PCAN-TJA1054 ( high-speed to low-speed CAN interface ) BMW iDrive rotary knob ( the ALPS model, which has a low-speed interface at 100kbps )

I am using Arduino IDE 1.0.6, have tried most of the CAN-bus "libraries" ( I wouldn't call them such ) out there, to no avail. If I try sending a message, any message ( in my case it's supposed to be the KEEP_ALIVE message that the iDrive knob is expecting every 200ms ), after three times ( when all three Tx buffers are filled ), the message_tx methods fail. So I guess the buffers are filling yet failing to get the messages on the network.

Obviously Rx buffers aren't doing any better ( they appear to be always empty ).

How on earth do I get this stuff to work?

p.s. On the high-speed side of things I have made a connection with +5V, GND, Can-H, Can-L between the CAN-bus shield and the PCAN converter. On the low-speed side of things I have made a connection with GND, Can-H, Can-L between the PCAN converter and the iDrive rotary, with a separate +12V input. All GND connections are shared both with the GND of the 12V power brick and the GND on the Arduino board.


Thanks for any advice