Can't get emails to stop coming from the forum

Hello, I'm looking for advice on how to stop getting dozens of emails everyday from the forum. I've unchecked all the email notifications I can see several times but it always is still checked when I go back into my profile notification settings?


Try this: Click on you avatar in next to your post above this one. Next, hover over the text Settings, and then Notifications (hover means no clicking yet). Next, click Watched Topics.

You'll get a list of topics you watched, with check boxes to the right of them. Uncheck those boxes if they are already checked. This could be a bit tedious, i have 72 pages of 15 topics each, but i'm sure i watched a few more than 1080 topics over the last 5 years.

I'm not 100 % sure that will solve your problem, at some time i had to do this. The forum software used by this site is quite heavily customized. That has broken the software, and people have been trying (i have to assume) for some 3 years to get things working correctly again. Most of the users have given up on getting a decent software on these forums..