Can't get https to work

Hi, I've just upgraded to IDE 1.5.7. I thought it would be simple enough to change the url i pass to client.getAsynchronously from http to https but it seems it just then stops sending. I know that exists and is definitely valid but it just stops sending stuff to thingspeak silently.

If I change it back to http it works again.

Any advice on where i am going wrong

Unfortunately, curl tries to validate the SSL certificate but the yun does not ship the root ones (for disk space reason)
Use HTTPClient.noCheckSSL() and retry

So what does this actual mean for and end userof arduino.

does it mean that even though we specify ssl, ssl will never work and justdrop back to http silently in the background?

No. It means that the certificate is considered good and not verified. Then a secure connection over https is established and everything goes as usual.

Alternatively, (it's hard stuff, I'm just mentioning it) you can put the proper CA certificate somewhere and add parameter --cacert to the curl Process (and use Process instead of HTTPClient, which is just a simple wrapper around Process by the way)

Ok thanks thats good. I feel we could do with the the nocheckssl method documenting