Can't get it to parce

I have a Leonardo running at 8mhz.
It is being fed GPS sentences at 9600 baud.
I'm trying to discriminate the GNGGA sentences.
I do this by sending the Serial1 through a series of 5 "if" statements to ensure we are at the sentence we want.
Then I tell it to read Serial1 into an array for 15 characters.
Then I tell it to print the array to the screen.

I get squares.
I have tried everything I can think of and read every tutorial I could find.
Help, please.

Pics if you can't see them.

read Serial Input Basics

Sending Serial through if does not mean anything… capture the sentence, then handle the sentence (see tinyGPS++ library source code for inspiration)

It would help to see your code, posted between code-tags.

It would help to see your pictures, posted between tags.