Can't get led strip (WS2812B) to work (arduino nano)

Hi all I'm new to arduino (had some expierence with an arduino uno), but not with led strips yet so I wanted to try.

I saw some amazing ambilight projects online featuring an adruino togheter with some led strips on the back of a pc screen to emit colors of the screen.

So I went ahead and bought the required hardware on Aliexpress. But I have a problem: I can't get the led strip to work (somehow I got 1 individual led to go on, but there it stopped).

I used the the adafruit neopixel library (strandtest.ino) to test the strip.

I bought these led strips (2m 60 ip67): Led strips (Aliexpress)

In the pictures you can see my setup Setup Led strip

Disconnect all that immediately. You may already have damaged the Nano or other components. Why did you not follow a tutorial, like the Adafruit one for example? You should have a resistor on the data line (eg. 330R), a large cap across the power lines (e.g. 1000uF) and you should certainly not be powering the strip from the 5V pin of the Nano. You didn't even mention one of the most important components - the power supply you are using (voltage, max current etc).