Can't get Macbook to recognise Digispark

Bought some Digisparks - they're presumably cloned as despite the eBay advert having "Digispark" written on the PCB, mine don't have that.

Anyway, I can't get the Macbook to recognise them. When I plug them into either USB port, with or without an extension cable, they light up for 5 seconds and then the other LED starts flashing (presumably a preloaded sketch) so they're getting power but I'm getting no ports appearing and tail -f /var/log/system.log has no reaction.

Trying to plug them into my QNAP NAS gives a reaction on dmesg so I'm presuming they're not junk - I've tried 2 out of the 5 so far but am reluctant to open the other 3.

I've tried downgrading Arduino to 1.6.5 (which solved a lot of the compilation errors)

Macbook is a Pro running El Capitan. I had issues getting my Nano clones to work but solved that.

Can't even see a USB chip on the Digispark so don't know if there is a specific driver to download

Eventually fired up my old Windows sub-notebook and even though it wouldn't download a proper driver for it, I did manage to upload a different blink sketch to both of the ones I've taken out of the packet, so at least I know they're not completely broken

Feel like such an idiot...

I had read in the instructions for DigiSpark that the USB ports on Macbooks might be a bit deep for the device but I had presumed that when the lights came on, it meant that the USB pins were all connected.

However, the Vin and GND pins are longer than the data pins and my USB extension cable was also quite deep. A few seconds with a knife and I cut off some of the plastic which allowed me to insert the DigiSpark deeper - now all the pins can connect and I can upload sketches! What a relief! :smiley: