Cant get MD050SD 5" Touchdisplay to work

Hello, so basically I have a pretty big problem. I just bought a touchdisplay, to be specific its a "MD0505SD" (which apperantly you cannot get anywhere anymore as of today) and just a basic Shield "TFT Mega Shield v1.1". Im also using a Mega 2560 for this project. Now my problem is, that I cant seem to find the right libraries, and the ones I did find dont really work or are so badly explained that I just cant seem to understand what i need to do. I tried UTFT, but it kinda doesnt make any sense to me what i would have to alter, in order for it to work. Maybe im just missing something (also kinda new to arduino). I would appreciate any kind of help since I need that to work for a work related project. Thanks in advance

Post a photo of the pcb. Someone might recognise it.

Post a link to the actual shield that you bought e.g. Ebay Sale page

It is much better to post links, photos etc A picture beats a 1000 words.