Can't get motors to run with my Mega 2560

I am building a tripod. I have downloaded Multiwii 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. I have configured each and downloaded onto board with no problem. The result is I can move my servo but not any of my three motors. I know power is getting to them because they beep if not plugged onto correct pins. I can make them run if I plug them directly into the receiver. I have purchased two boards and both have the same results. I am new to this and wonder if there is something unusual with the fact that there is a red and a green LED light which blink alternatly on the board. Anyone interested in getting into this with me? I would appreciate it.

post info/sketch of your connections

Thank you for responding. I've been agonizing over this for some time now. Please hang in there with me. Thanks again.

my receiver is set up:

Channel 1 Aileron 2 elevator 3 throttle 4 rudder

In the board I connedted:

pin 8 throttle 9 aileron 10 elevator 11 rudder

the wires to the copter are plugged into the board: rudder 2 motors 3,5,6

I tried to copy the sketch but it was too big. Don't know of another way to get it to you. I did follow the instructions and the sketch downloaded without a hitch. Here are the details: Uncomented: tri minthrottle (the last one) ffmiuv2

I've adjusted the gps in the past with no positive results but felt now that it wasn't necessary and wanted to keep things simple.

One thing I haven't been able to do is calibrate the motors. I have connected them to the receiver and throttled up for 30 seconds but could not get them to beep.

Hope this is helpful

I'm sorry. Cant give you a quick fix. se the forum for arducopters;