can't get nrf24l01+ pa/lna to work

Hi so I try to get the nrf24l01 pa/lna working, I used the “GettingStarted” sketch from the nrf24master library. At first I got this from my serial monitor : (see capture.png) wich seems okay. but when I pressed “t” to begin transmission i got this error :
“Now sending 4253…failed.
Failed, response timed out.”
over and over again.

So I found out I had to add: radio.setAutoAck(false); after radio.begin(); this didn’t fix it for the nrf24l01 pa/lna but it did for the normal nrf24l01 wich I had laying around, I connected them the exact same way and tried it with multiple arduinos but I still got the “…failed. failed, response time out.” the info I get in the beginning is the exact same for both. Does anyone knows what could be wrong?

If you have been able to get the low power nRF24s (with PCB antenna) to work then the reason the high-power module won't work is almost certainly due to insufficient 3.3v power.

For a test try powering it with a pair of AA alkaline cells (3v) - making sure that the battery GND is connected to the Arduino GND.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

thanks a lot I used a power supply instead and it works perfectly.

Okay no i lied, I'm able to send stuff from the normal to the one with a antenna but not the other way around...

connected the other one also to a power supply wich fixed it .