Can't get Windows 10 to resolve Arduino board name on wi-fi network

OK. I've got my new Yun on my Wi-Fi network at home. I've given it a "board name" of arduinoyun1. I can see it on my home Wi-Fi router, showing both the board name arduinoyun1 and its IP address.

I want to be able to fire up a browser and access arduinoyun1.local, and I can't do that on Win10. I CAN access it by opening up a browser and typing in the ip address - that works, but I think that's ultimately limiting for coding.

I AM able to open arduinoyun1.local using my iPhone, however!

I've seen multiple posts that suggest that the Yun uses/expects the Bonjour service to help discover devices, and I suspect my iOS has that already installed.

I can't believe that by Windows 10 Microsoft hasn't figured out how to discover/resolve the device name - is there a network service feature in Win 10 that I can kick to get it to do what Bonjour does? I'm reluctant to just add Bonjour to a Win10 machine, given that Win 10 should know how to resolve this. But maybe I've got to do that because of how the Yun is designed.

And maybe I'm just missing something.



I would try configuring the router to give it a static lease and give it a name there(on most routers, this allows you to tell it the dns name you want it to be given, along with the IP) - names assigned this way seem to work better.

Thanks, DrAzzy! OK, I've given it a static IP, and I've always been able to see the device name I gave it in the router. No impact from assigning the static IP.

Again, the weird thing is that all of my Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) are able to find/resolve the board name (arduinoyun1, which I assigned through the Yun's settings) and I'm able to access the Yun through the various forms of Safari browsers on those Apple devices (just by addressing arduinoyun1.local).

But Windows devices (Win 10, XP) cannot find that name - I can access the Yun by going straight to the IP address, but not the board name.

Just feels like a difference between how Windows finds/resolves names and how Apple handles it. Wondering if there's an Apple service dependency with the Yun that Windows can't handle...

If you don't have a DNS server, you can modify C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. Checked on Windows 8, I don't have a Windows10 system.

You can add any static IP addresses there if needed.

the difference is mDNS. Apple has Bonjour. Windows sometimes has Bonjour