Cant initialize SD card on Mega Pro 3.3V

I have a sparkfun Mega Pro 3.3V( and a sparkfun SD breakout board ( I followed the tutorial on adafruit to connect my 2gb SD card to the arduino, and used their SD library, But I always get "Initialization Failed" in the serial monitor. I verified the breakout board is getting power and all pins connect to the proper pins on the arduino, but I still get this error. The card was formatted to FAT16 by the formatting tool adafruit linked to. I read online that you have to change a line on the "Sd2card.h" file. I changed #define MEGA_SOFT_SPI 0to #define MEGA_SOFT_SPI 1) and it still doesn't work. I also edited the pin numbers on the "Cardinfo" code to pinMode(53, OUTPUT);  const int chipSelect = 53;

What else can I try?

You say you followed ‘tutorial on adafruit’… and ‘all pins connect to proper pins on arduino’… The adafruit SD libraries work fine…

Confirm your connections thus :-

cardinfo output.JPG