Cant install Arduino software

Hi, i had Arduino running on my laptop, Windows 7. I was messing around trying to remove a previous user and i messed up the settings so i had to get my friend to fix something in the registery. The laptop is working now but Arduino is the only software that will not run.i have done a clean uninstall and tried to re install but it just will not allow me to install. The install software option is greyed out. Any help would be gladly appreciated


You could download the zip version of the software (that does not use an installer) and unzip it to a suitable place on your laptop and create a shortcut to the arduino.exe
I have never used the installer version and I extract my zip to my dropbox folder along with the projects folder so I can access it from home/work with exactly same settings etc.

Remove all Java from the computer.
Remove the user settings, I don't know where they are, you might have to search for 'arduino'.
And use the zip file to unzip it in a folder.
Try also to re-install the device driver.

If something specific is changed in the registry, you might have a problem, but that would be the case for any program.

If the advice already given doesn't solve he problem then it would be worth asking your question in the Installation & Troubleshooting section, where you're more likely to reach people interested in that type of problem.

Check the install forum. I had to rename the data file before ai could get the program to function.