Cant install arduino

i can not install the ide it say its an old version installed
i have uninstalled the old deleted arduino folders
help pls


Hi @degerang,

Uninstall / delete the old IDE, and then go here to re-download the newest IDE.
You shouldn't delete the "Arduino" folder which holds all of your sketches and libraries.

i uninstall and deleted all arduino folders but it says its an old version installed.
i want to completly delete all of arduino and start a clean install
there must be some thing left


Provide more detailed information.
Which OS and PC hardware you are using?

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win10 Aspire XC-885 i5-8400 cpu 2,8ghz 24GB memory 64bit operating system

You are being too vague to allow us to be effective at providing you with assistance. If you really do want help to install Arduino IDE, then you're going to need to make a better effort.

Please provide a detailed description of what you mean by "it" in the quote above.

Please provide the full and exact text of any warning or error messages you are gettijng.

  1. Assuming you are using a Windows device, Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features then check to see if you can see the old version installed there.

  2. If it is there, select it and uninstall it.

  3. Then try to download and install the new version.

  4. If you fail again, Download Arduino IDE ZIP File: Arduino IDE ZIP File Download.

  5. Extract the downloaded zip file, open the extracted folder, somewhere in that folder, there should be an application (.exe) file called arduino.exe. Open it and it will start the IDE with no problems.

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