Cant install drivers, im going nuts

I have 4 Arduinos, all are R3 1 is old, and i bought 3 new ones, they seem different but they all are R3. I’m sure they are legit.

the old one is blueish while the new ones are greenish.

The old ones works correct. the new ones are the ones that are as Arduino Uno on other devices under Device Manager, i tried doing the solution on copying the file ‘usbser.sys’ into the ‘mdmcpq.inf_x86_neutral_1b9e317b2982c778’ under FileRepository.

Had no luck,

when trying to install the driver i get

windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error when attempting to install it
there is no driver selected for the device information set or element

any suggestions?

>>>  [Device Install (DiInstallDevice) - USB\VID_2A03&PID_0043\7543535303535161F1F0]
>>>  Section start 2016/04/11 23:27:42.024
      cmd: C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
     ndv: Flags: 0x0000000a
     dvi: Class GUID of device changed to: {4d36e978-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}.
     ndv: Driver package 'c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\devicesoftwareupdates\13a7c283-ccdd-435a-84a3-70805026c502\arduino-org.inf' exists under 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\arduino-org.inf_amd64_4eb7217261122b57\arduino-org.inf' (oem179.inf).
     dvi: Searching for hardware ID(s):
     dvi:      usb\vid_2a03&pid_0043&rev_0001
     dvi:      usb\vid_2a03&pid_0043
     dvi: Searching for compatible ID(s):
     dvi:      usb\class_02&subclass_02&prot_01
     dvi:      usb\class_02&subclass_02
     dvi:      usb\class_02
<<<  Section end 2016/04/11 23:27:42.031
<<<  [Exit status: FAILURE(0xe0000203)]


Can you show us a photo of one of the new ones?

Looks like you are trying to use Arduino.ORG drivers. USB Vendor ID 2A03 is for Arduino.ORG boards. Normal Arduino boards use Vendor ID 2341. If your boards say on them they should work with Arduino 1.6.8 which you can download from the "Download" link above. If they say Arduino.ORG on them you should go there for assistance or contact your vendor to get them replaced.

When the company that manufactured boards for registered the Arduino trademark in Italy and formed they caused a split in the Arduino market. Most people stayed with, the original designers of the boards. These forums at are for the boards (Arduino in the USA, Genuino in Europe).

Thanks for that info John, i wasn't aware of it, indeed the other ones are for some reason now i was able to install the drivers by selecting them on the driver list and they worked correctly(blink) should that be enough to ensure they will work correctly? should i better download the software?


I already have an ISP device so I would probably just burn firmware on the boards. That way I could use them just like any other Arduino(.cc) UNO clone.

You can get an ISP device very cheaply from eBay: The USBasp is currently available for as little as $1.85 (including shipping!). You will need a 10-pin to 6-pin adapter which will cost another $0.99.

could i use the arduino board i have as a programmer?

one like this would work? and if so, we are talking into programming the 16u2 right? usbasp

One like that would work if you add a 10-pin to 6-pin adapter. Note the $2 shipping fee bringing the price to $3.52.

Yes, you would program the 16u2 and the ATmega328p. The ArduinoISP sketch should work. Be sure to disable auto-reset on the UNO acting as an ISP. A 1 to 10 uF capacitor between Reset and GND should do it.