Can't install my UNO r3.

Hi All;

I have XP and an original UNO r3.

I’m following instructions per Of course I have my UNO and USB cable Downloaded and unzipped in a folder “ Aduino-1.0.3 “ in MY DOCUMENTS. In this folder I have another: “ drivers “ which contains another folder “ FTDI USB Drivers “ And a few archives all called installation information, one of which is “ Arduino UNO Rev3 “. When I connect my UNO, to the USB port, the power LED goes ON, the L LED blinks rapidly For a moment and then starts flashing as though it were running the BLINK sketch, but it´s NOT 1s ON and 1s OFF. It´s about 0.5s ON, 0.5s OFF.

Windows recognizes NEW HARDWARE and starts the installation assitent and prompts for connecting to Windows Update.

NO and NEXT Install from a list Include,Examine My Documents, Arduino1.0.3, arduino-1.0.3, but when I click on drivers all I see is: FTDI USB Drivers. I can´t select the .inf archives MEGA, UNO, Micro, Lily……

If I go to Device Manager, I can see the yellow ?, under Other Devices, that indicates an USB device, lacking a driver! Meanwhile,the L LED keeps blinking at 0.5s rate. What could be wrong?

I have the same problem w my Arduino mega, if u get some answer or if u have solve it. please post how u did it, thanks ( I got windows8)


Downloaded and installed v1.0.3.

Connected UNO to USB port.

Power LED comes ON, Yellow LED flashes rapidly for amoment and then UNO runs BLINK. (if it’s loaded ).

Windows detects NEW HARDWARE and opens installation assistant;




Navigate to ARDUINO folder and open

Open DRIVERS folder; You won´t see the .inf archives You´ll see another subfolder called DRIVERS.

Select this “ DRIVERS “ folder and click ACCEPT.

The assistant will look for the driver and install it. Click FINISH.

Go back to Device Manager; open PORTS ( COM & LPT ).

You should see your Arduino UNO R3 as ( COM X ).

X is your Arduino port; When You launch Arduino, don´t forget to check TOOLS, SERIAL PORT.

It worked for me, not sure about WIN8 and Mega.