Can't launch IDE 1.8.3 on windows 7

Have tried both windows install and via downloading the .zip

When I try to run arduino.exe the splash screen comes up, several messages flash by with the last being "starting...." then the splash screen disappears and program exits without any message.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, have java 8, I have admin rights and have tried with admin marked in the comparability settings under preferences for the executable. Have tried launching from cmd. (other java program I have work just fine).

no luck so far.

(was able to setup the online version to run on firefox, but would prefer a local copy)

Just saw a similar post with an answer to run the DEBUG version (in the same folder as the regular IDE).
Maybe try that as it will give you some error output to be able to copy and paste into here.
When you do please use the code tags provided ( </> ).

Thanks ballscrewbob for directing me to arduino_debug.exe

the output showed the program failed to open the preferences.txt in the user/AppData/Local .... folder due to "access denied"

I found that this folder was hidden, once I change the attributes of the folder chain leading to the user preference.txt file, the program works fine.