cant load program on my uno clone.

hi all,

I am new to arduino and I am using an arduino uno clone on my dell inspiron 15r with windows 8 operating system.

as soon as I connect the usb cable to my uno board the green power led turns on and an led named 'L' starts blinking.

but when ever I try to load the program on to the board by opening the IDE it says

avrdude:ser_open():can't open device "\.\com1":the system cannot find the file specified.

plz let me know the solution to this as I am really excited to use my board.
thx in advance.

install CH340 driver

from where to get ch340 driver

From Tools -> Ports menu, see if there is a port to select when the Arduino is connected.

If not, you need to install the drivers. Check the part number of the chip near the USB connector (it will be CH340G, FT232, or Atmega 16u2. For 16u2, use official drivers. For other chips, google the part number and the word driver. Note that there are counterfeit FT232 chips floating around which do not work correctly (google ftdigate )

I just check on my uno board the chip is to load its drver and from where to get those drivers. thx