Can't login to Arduino Create We Editor

When I try to get to the web editor it just hangs on the “Logging into your Arduio Create…”. I can get to the other pages (ie Project Hub, IoT, Store, Getting started…)

I have tried Firefox and Chrome, both do the same thing. See attachment.


Click on Arduio Web Editor
hangs while logging in

I have the same problem. Yesterday its work fine, but today i keep stuck at the logging into your Arduino crate. I don't know why this happen, but yesterday when the last time I use the web editor suddenly there was a power failure in my area and I lost the internet connection.

Could you plaese try in incognito session or tell us if you have any error in your browser console?

That worked. Is there a reason I have to do that?

@mtashiro you mean going incognito solved? I think you had some dirty local data we are working to improve that part. Thanks for you feedback!