Can't login!

Hi all

Today, for the first time, I can't login from the computer running Windws XP. In the last days all was OK.
Can you help me?

Hi Datman.

I don't have my XP box available right now but have you tried a general clean up in case its a cache issue ?
EG "CCLEANER" or similar.

You haven't mentioned which browser either which would be good to know at this point.

Do you receive an error?

No. Clicking on "SIGN IN", it simply reloads the page with written "SIGN IN".
I usa Pale Moon.terday
I restarted the system, but it's the same. Until yesterday, I never had any problem.

Unsupported browser ?

It could be… but until two days ago, it worked.

Does this browser have an Incognito feature? You could try with that, maybe it's an issue with cookies

I have done nothing, but now I’m logged…