Can't open new sketch or import sketch in web editor.

I have an issue with the web editor. When I try to open a new sketch, or import an existing sketch I get a popup window showing me "This is how much space you have currently used"
I am using a Macbook Pro running El Capitan, which I see isn't officially supported. But I tried it on my Macbook Air running High Sierra and the same thing happen. I have tried using Safari and Chrome on both and still get the same problem. I have searched and cannot find any mention of a similar issue on the net.
It would be great to get it working as the web editor seems such a good thing otherwise.

From the left panel select PREFERENCES.
Now in the top of the middle panel will be information as to your usage.

There is a limit to both the space and the amount of sketches you can keep on CREATE.

Note that LIBRARIES add to that usage considerably as they take up much more room than a simple sketch.

I devised a plan for importing bot libs and sketches and have attached to to aid you.
You dont have to follow it totally as there is room for your own methods in there.
It is simply the method I used to maximise the space available for new items on CREATE.

Importing sketches and libraries.pdf (285 KB)

Thanks for the reply. It looked like I had used only half the space, but on deleting a couple of sketches I couple import and open new sketches. I will lookout your scheme to save some space.

The max limit on sketches is 100 I think.

Sometimes worth weeding out some especially if you ended up with a FINAL working sketch in which case sometimes the first and last sketch are in a lot of cases the only ones worth keeping (least in my case).

I often think the sketch limit should be raised a little as it is possible such as in your case to have half the space spare but have reached the sketch limit.