can't print program

I am running the Arduino programmer Arduino 0017 within Vista. When I hit the FILE:PRINT button nothing comes out but blank pages. The printer and driver are working correctly: if I copy the program to Word, it prints fine.

Any ideas?

Did you go threw print setup first to make sure everything was set correctly before you printed?

While i’m on XP it prints. Unfortunately my printer is too old to work with my Vista or Win7 system so i can’t check it from there.

If going threw print setup doesn’t help you may be stuck coping it over to word for printing.

Yes, this is frustrating and seems to be one of the several bugs in this program. I’m hoping someone else has an idea. No other program that I use has this problem. Thanks for your reply.

Do you have a color printer?

Yes, it’s an HP7960. I can get the program to work by saving the program, closing out Arduino, opening Arduino, opening the program, then it prints fine. But after awhile it quits and just shoots out the correct number of blank pages. The printer is fine and works with all other programs I run it on.

BTW when it works, the pages are printed out correctly with color.

For what it’s worth I have exactly the same issue with Arduino-0017 on Vista. I had assumed it was some oddball thing with windows networking because the printer is attached to a different machine.

I end up mailing the pde to myself and printing it with wordpad.

Yeah same problem here. I have actually never gotten mine to print correctly. Im using a Cannon MX310 and have windows xp. As mentioned above, I will typically just email it to myself and then print it with another program.