Can't Program ATTiny45: "No Arduino.h"

I’m using Linux and the 2.0.4 IDE with a Duemilanove to try to program the ATTiny with. Here is the error I get:

Blink.ino:10:21: Fatal Error: Arduino.h: No such file or directory. Compilation terminated.

I can code all I want with an Uno or Duemilanove just fine. I put on the Duemilanove the needed ISP sketch and wired up the ATTiny and got that error when testing the blink sketch on the ATTiny. Where do you find that arduino.h file?

Do you have Attiny45 as selectable board? If not, you will have to create it. Btw, what is the speed of the internal clock, 1 or 8 mhz?

Here is a basic core package for attiny.

Install in sketchbook/hardware.

I’m using Linux and the 2.0.4 IDE

2.0.4 IDE ???

"IDE" The programming software.

That said, I tried the link, downloaded it, and looked inside the zip file. There's a "pins-arduino.h" but no "arduino.h". Do you need the 1.5.? software and the added files? instead of the old software?

“IDE” The programming software.


But you said that you have Arduino IDE version 2.0.4
And that is what I’m asking about. version 2.0.4 ???
And where did you get it?

— bill

Check it out

and here is hardware library you should use

And you miss pressed 2 for version number i think

I tried that link before posting, and no dice. Now, for some good news as far as alternatives.

There is a MicroCenter by where I live and there are some Arduino knockoffs being sold, and I bought 3 different cards and 2 and "a half" DO work... in the 1.5.6 software.

Inland Corp makes 3 different knockoff cards:

An Uno copycat.

A Pro Mini copycat.

and a Leonardo copycat.

The first 2 work fine, once you align the serial fitting, but the Leonardo knockoff only can be tried once until you close and reopen the software, hence the "and a half". You need one real Leonardo to get it right then upload the sketch onto the knockoff card.

The Pro Mini copycat card is $8 so the ATTiny problem is no emergency but I'd like to solve it. Now, about getting a card to into the comatose mode... (sleep mode)

If you were installed tiny-core library correctly, you can compile Blink Example (you just need to change Led Pin) for testing Attiny, there should be no errors. I guess you did not installed tiny-core correctly if you can not compile. Once compiled a sketch, you can Burn compiled program using Uno (or other Arduinos) as ArduinoISP, you should check first link in my prev. post. I think your Leonardo behaves normaly as It has Built-In usb function, but maybe I am wrong.