Can't reach the REFERENCE page anymore !

Since yesterday I’ve been clicking on RESOURCES/REFERENCE and got the home page instead each time ? Anyone knows what’s going on ?

Which web browser? Which language?

Working fine here CHROME, Windows 7 to 10 Maybe clear your browser cache.


Raspberry Pi default Chromium browser Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) Built on Raspbian , running on Raspbian 9.11 (32-bit)

I get a similar response on the website when clicking on the heading for Education, all links under Resources, and FAQ and "Contact Us" under Help. The webpage appears correct in the address bar, but the appearance is the same as the Home page.

The last couple days, every link on the home page returns to the home page (Edge and FF)

FF also works fine here. Win 7 to 10.


Ctrl+F5 then loads the right page. something is wrong on some proxy? (once some proxy reporter down and offered a read only version)

JCA34F: Which web browser? Which language?

Good question ! In fact it works fine with Chrome and Edge . Only Firefox is in default. Thank you.

Forgot to say yesterday that this should now be fixed.
Sorry about the tardy reply


It's not for me. Most recent Firefox on Windows7. I have to force a reload, or open the link in a private screen to not get the frontpage instead.

Good here Mas, same win 7 x64 pro and latest FF. Can set a shortcut to any page and it picks up where it should.


Now it is for me too. Yesterday it wasn't, tested it before posting.

Good for you Mas. Now I don't have to beat up the dev team again. Am sure they get fed up of me LOL.


ballscrewbob: Now I don't have to beat up the dev team again. Am sure they get fed up of me LOL.

It's good to know that you have influence with them.

However there would be no need for you to beat them up if at least one of them would make a daily appearance here - as I have requested many times in the past. I reckon the Moderators have enough to do without also channelling stuff to the dev team.


Hi R2.

I don't mind being a middle man. It allows me to asses things a little better over time which they would probably not see without going through every forum section each day.

Following moderator reports gives me a better insight than they may get too. And that in turn lets me see the more important things that may need to be passed up the ladder

I agree with your sentiment though.