Can't read Arduino editor error message colors

I apologize if this question has been posted before, but I can't find an answer to it. With my weird eyesight I can't read the default orange-on-black text in the error message box :astonished:. Is there any way to change the color scheme or at least make the font bigger. I've looked in the preferences.txt file but can't find anything obvious. Steve

The settings are in the theme.txt file in the <arduino_path>\lib\theme directory. Look for the "GUI - CONSOLE" section.

console.font = Monospaced,plain,11
console.font.macosx = Monaco,plain,10
console.color = #000000
console.output.color = #eeeeee
console.error.color = #E34C00

never did like the black background :slight_smile:

You read my mind!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks for helping out with the editor error message colors. I'm not sure what colors the various code strings map to, but anything's better then the orange on black, so I'll fool around with them until I get something I like.

I believe the color is encoded as Red, Green, and Blue. You can use any of the codes from the following page or just make up your own.