Can't save and upload -validating license failed

Hi I’m new to Arduino and just trying to set it up for my son to use. We’re using a Chrome book running (Version 89.0.4389.95) and just downloaded the Arduino create app. All seems to work fine but when we try to save and upload we get the message “validating license failed OAUTH2 request failed: Service responded with error: Service has been disabled for this account.” We’re trying to connect to a Arduino uno.
Can anyone give me any pointers. Thanks


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Hi finnbob,

Note that there are two versions of Arduino Create, Arduino Create Chrome App for Education and an older version Arduino Create.

The older version is no longer available, so make sure you have downloaded the version named for Education. You can use this even though you are an individual and not a school.

To use the Education version, you currently need a subscription, which is 0.99$ per month. To read more about subscribing to Create Chrome App for Education and installations, visit this tutorial.

If you still face issues using the app, or need help with the subscription, please contact us here:

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