Can't see all of my sketches...???

Hi all,

I don't know if everyone has this problem or if it's just my computer, but I can't see all my sketches when I open the File, Sketchbook menu. I can only see the first 35 in Alphabetic order(which only goes to R in my list). If I want to open any other sketches I have to go into the folder in my documents and find the sketch I want and double click it or drag it to the IDE.

There should be some kind of scroll bar to see all your sketches or use a file folder style box instead of a menu list to open your sketches.

Thanx for listening.


Forgot to mention I am using v. 0018.

Sounds like a plan. I don't keep many sketches in that folder becuase of the amount I move them between computers but I like that idea.


I made another folder called oldsketches (or whatever) and moved the ones I don't use very often into it as a workaround for this problem.