Can't See Arduino Network

Hi All,

I got a new Arduino Yun, trying to start a new project. However, when I tried to setup the Arduino Yun, I can’t see the board’s hotspot network. I’ve tried to reset the wifi by pressing the WLAN reset button for more than 30 seconds as instructed by the document, but it still does not work.

When I power up the Arduino Yun, only the on light glows. Does anyone know what’s going on with this Arduino Yun, or is mine a defected product?


First of all, make sure you're close enough: I find it has a range of ~1 foot. Also, did you wait a minute or two until the white (slightly blue) light turned on? Try a hard reboot (unplug + replug) and try waiting a minute or two. If that didn't work, you can try, but it will void your warranty, so maybe wait for someone else. However, that will for sure work.