Can't see Arduino UNO!!!!

Hi there,

This is probably a common issue but I could not find the solution elsewhere.

I bought the Arduino UNO starter kit, Installed the Arduino IDE 1.7.7 and all the extra stuff with it (Atmel drivers) and all installed fine. Plugged in board and the green light comes on but nothing installs like is usual with a USB device. I go to device manager and nothing is there, no ports section, no unknown devices, nothing!!

I have tried restarted pc, reinstalled software, tried alternative USB ports, searched on “View/Show hidden devices” on device manager but still it is nowhere to be seen. I heard something about using “View/Add legacy hardware” on device manager but wasn’t sure if that was useful??

On the Arduino software, the ports section is greyed out. I have tried this on 2 laptops but get same issue. Any advice guys???

Many thanks

1.7.7 is not the official Arduino IDE - the board manufacturer went rogue (they're currently involved in litigation over the Arduino trademark), forked the IDE and bumped the version number so it looks like it's the latest version.

Try removing that one and installing the official IDE (latest version 1.6.5) - maybe that will get the drivers right.

Beyond that, is it a real uno or faithful clone (with ATmega16u2 near the USB connector) or a clone that uses a different serial adapter (CH340G or FTDI FT232)? If it's a clone, you need to install the drivers for that USB-serial adapter.