cant see COM port when programing attiny 85 via usbasp


it's been hell this past week.

i've been trying to program an attiny 85, first through an arduino Uno as isp and failing miserably.

after surrendering i bought an usbasp v2.0 programmer thinking it would be the end of my painful existence...

foolish me.

now i cant get to select the com port on the arduino ide.

it appears on the device manager as it suppose to (under "libusb-win32 devices" appears "USBasp") and i think its connected to COM PORT 8 (atleast looking into the properties given by the device manger).

on the arduino ide only appears the native port(COM1) and no signs of any avr board.

the wiring is definetly ok, rechecked it a hundred times and the usbasp programmer is connected to a usb2.0 port.

I'm working on the latest arduino ide and using this cores

if you need any info i'll be glad to provide it.

thanks in advance to anyone that helps me ease this pain :)

some photos of the connection on the second pic, the white cable is mosi (pin number 1) the other white one is ground.

I don't think that USBASP uses a COM port; it's a native USB device.

Google for "how to use usbasp".