Can't seem to initialize SPI

I Cant seem to initiate SPI on my Arduino Uno. The results in the logic analyzer still look vague. Here is how am doing it.

//1 GND    GND
//2 VCC    3.3V
//3 CE     4  out
//4 CSN    5  out
//5 SCK    13 out
//6 MOSI   11 out
//7 MISO   12 in
//8 IRQ    2  in

// Define your pins here!
#include <SPI.h>
#define CE_pin 4
#define CSN_pin 10

//The global variables used by everyone
byte data_in[5], data2, data3;

SPISettings settingsA(8000000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE1); 
uint8_t stat, val1, val2, result;

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(115200);//start Serial

  //pinMode(SCK_pin, OUTPUT);//SPI clock out
  pinMode(CSN_pin, OUTPUT);

  //start up the SPI library
  NRF_set_RX_payload(0, 3);//pipe 0-5, bytes 1-32

void NRF_set_RX_payload(byte pipe, byte bytes){//start NRF payload     

    byte address = pipe + 32 + 16 + 1;// a register write starts at 32, so add on the 1 and 16 to get you to at R17
    digitalWrite(CSN_pin, LOW);
    data_in[0] = SPI.transfer(address);//write register 11 RX_PW_P0
    data_in[1] = SPI.transfer(bytes);//3 bytes for now
    digitalWrite(CSN_pin, HIGH);
  Serial.print("RX Payload Set RX_PW_P");
  Serial.print(" for ");
  Serial.println(" bytes");
  Serial.println(data_in[0], BIN);
  Serial.println(data_in[1], BIN);

I just cant seem to get past this level. I have double checked the wiring and everything looks ok with me

Check out my capture from the logic analyzer

Your code is using Arduino pin 10 as the chip select line for the nRF device. Bur the comment indicates that you don't even have Arduino pin 10 connected to the nRF device.

That code doesn't compile in the Arduino IDE! Please don't waste our time.

You don't show the sampling frequency of the logic analyzer output. Is the wiring OK?