Can't set COM STATE


I'm really bored to fix this problem, I tried ALL FIXES from the Internet, and my Arduino Uno giving me this:

avrdude: ser_open(): can't set com-state for "\.\COM3"

I really do a few options to fix this - not help.
Reseting, changing COM, changing drivers, uninstalling drivers, really all.

Somebody can help?


That typically indicates a driver problem.

What serial chip is it? The official Uno's use m16u2 (or m8u2 for older units), most clones use CH340G or CP2102 - those chips don't have the drivers included with the IDE (since they are not used on any official boards) and they need to be downloaded separately (google the part number and your OS version). If you don't know what serial chip your board uses, examine the black chip near the USB connector.

My processor:

That's it?


Really sorry, my bad!

This is Atmega16u2.

I installed drivers for this, and same :frowning:


Yes, many times, also now.

But… I installed drivers good?

I downloaded drivers from this ZIP (second download) and put files into Arduino/Drivers

Is it good?


So what I must to do to install drivers to work? :smiley: