Can't think - PWM question

For some reason I can’t think tonight, so when you answer my question I will probably say ‘Duh’

I want to use the PWM output of the Arduino to drive LEDs, Thats not a problem, I need the PWM to supply more current than the Arduino can put out. - I’m drawing a blank. I’m thinking highspeed switching transitors. ?>?

Definitely doesn't need to be "high speed" transistors. Any general purpose transistor will switch fast enough to support PWM frequencies for LED's.

This circuit shows one way to use a transistor to pulse an LED. The circuit also has an IR detector but you can ignore that.

RuggedCircuits is correct, just need some basic NPN transistors. Just remember to calculate currents (base and collector in above diagram) so you don't burn up your LED or transistor!

Thanks guys, that was along my thinking, sort of :D

Anouther question if I may,

Can I use this same method To switch a seperate voltage, say 12volts, on and off?

You can apply any voltage you want (within specs of the transistor) across the emitter and collector. Base voltage also doesn't really matter (just needs to be within spec), its the current on the base that affects the output of the transistor.