Can't turn to 0 a variable

Hi guys, I've a problem with the variable mossa. I'm building an uselessboxmachine. To turn it off in different ways i use some subroutines. The problem comes when i have to restart the loop of subroutines. I've wrote here the code with the two subroutines, when the second one is done Arduino keeps the loop on the last one and it doesn't restart from the first. I'm asking if the problem comes from the IF functions Thanks a lot .. ** The increment is done at the end of each subroutines

void loop() {
  int statobottone = digitalRead (bottone);    //se il bottone e high
  if (statobottone == HIGH) {
  if (mossa > 1) {
      mossa = 0;
    if (mossa == 0) {    //subroutine che vanno in su
    else if (mossa == 1) {

This is not enough code to go on. We don't even know where mossa is defined. Reformat your code in the IDE using Ctrl-T and then post all of it here with code tags.