Can't uninstall Arduino software

I'm trying to uninstall the software ver.1.8.16 from my PC (Win7 os) but I don't have an uninstall Arduino option in the control pannel (remove program in the control pannel)
Is it normal?
How can I uninstall the software?

If the program is properly installed and you have not interrupted the install or the uninstall program then there is not a reason that it should be missing from the uninstall section. Have you started to uninstall it already, maybe by manually deleting folders?

Is it possible that you just downloaded the zip file and unzipped it without actually running an installer? That's the way I run Arduino IDE.

If that's the case, then uninstalling it is as easy as deleting the folder the Arduino.exe is located in.

I installed the software regulary ( I think ) , All the folders are existing and I didn't start to uninstall it.
i don't remember that I just run the software from the unzip file. Sorry for my question but how can I know that maybe I run it from the unzip folder? and if this is the situation what folders shoud I delete before reinstalling the software?

maybe this helps you

Thank you all
I think that as Haroldsutton wrote I just run the IDE from the unzip folder
I want to clean all the Arduino files and reinstall the IDE by the EXE installer file
What are the folders should I delete for that?
Thank for advenced

**** Be SURE to save any sketches to a safe location before deleting any of your installation, or you may lose your code forever! Don't say I didn't warn you. ****

That said, if you are running from an Arduino IDE straight out of a zip download file, then you should delete two folders. One to clear out the executables and one to clear out any libraries.

  1. delete the folder the Arduino.exe is located in
  2. delete the folder containing your sketches and any libraries you've downloaded

The second folder can be found by opening the IDE and looking in File/Preferences for the folder named below the text that says "more preferences can be directly edited in the file". In my case that would be the folder named "C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Arduino15" where the preferences.txt file resides. Your location may be different, so check under File/Preferences in the IDE to be sure.

Best of luck!

Dear Haroldsutton and all
I deleted all the files and reinstall the IDE again
It's working fine
Thank you all

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