cant upload or reset

Background: usb duemilenove ATMEGA328 USB connected on Linux (ubuntu 9.xx)

I have uploaded probably 100+ times this is setup and never had any problems, now all the sudden I cant upload to it. I get the following error message:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

symptoms & what I have tried: tried reinstalling / updating / replacing arduino software & avrdude

when connected to usb, the PWR & L(link) lights are light, but TX & RX never seem to light

PIN 13 LED is constant on (i think its suppose to blink?)

reset button does NOTHING

I have made sure I have the correct board and port, its all good there

tried setting upload verbose to true, get the same error message as above

almost all pins seem to be locked in an HIGH state

tried pulling the chip and jumping pins 0 & 1, serial terminal echoed as it should

I suspect maybe a problem with the bootloader? But don't really know how to test it and do not have a programmer to re load it. Will build one tomorrow if needed, but would like any advice you all have before doing so. Thanks so much.

Sounds like the bootloader is corrupt.

Buy a replacement chip with bootloader on it they only cost a few pounds/bucks.

Yah I have tried it on several other computers and various OS's and all have pretty much the same result. I am not worried about the few bucks it cost for a new chip, but waiting a week for shipment is not something i can deal with....I have read bits here and there about re-burning the bootloader to the chip, but a little confused how to do that with the atmega328 ...i bought stuff to make the parallel programer from arduino's website, will that work? Might anyone have a good tutorial on reburning the 328? (i seem to be able to find plenty on doing the 168 and below and not sure if its the same for the 328?) Thanks all