Can't upload sketch with Prototype Shield

Hey forum,

I got my Prototype Shield for my Uno ( last week and now I tried to use it, but it just won't work.

My problem looks like this:
When the shield is connected, I can't upload anything to the Arduino. Even when I uploaded something before and then put the shield on, the sketch won't be executed. The sketch stops instantly when I put on the shield. I did some tests and I saw that the problem comes, when the shield is connected with the side of the arduino where the analog pins are. So no problem with the digital Pins.

When uploading without shield, everything works flawless.
With shield i get this error 10x:
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0xd3

I hope you can help me and tell me what my problem is.

Check the Reset pin, perhaps the shield is pulling it low.