Can't upload sketches anymore

Hey, thanks for helping me. I was able to upload sketches from my chromebook right off the web editor during my free trial. Recently, my free trial expired, so I decided to buy the maker plan. Now the web editor is forcing me to download the "Arduino Create for Education" because I "have no chrome app connection". I can't download the web extension because I don't have the permissions on my chromebook (it is my school's). Is there a way I can keep on uploading using my chromebook or am I all out of luck? I could download just fine during my free trial.


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Hey kingofthederp, Arduino used to offer two variations of the Chrome App.

One for single users sold through the Chrome Web Store (Arduino Create - Chrome Web Store), and probably it's the version you had the trial with. And a second one, meant for schools (but not limited to) sold through the Arduino Digital Store site.

The two versions a technically the same application; they're just using a different payment system and intended audience.

Unfortunately, Google discontinued the payment system for the Chrome Web Store starting from Feb, 1st 2021. Users cannot create new subscriptions, and the current ones cannot be renewed when they'll expire in the next few days.

Are you able to purchase a one-seat subscription using Arduino Digital Store?

I likely wouldn't be able to buy it as I don't have a lot of control over the chromebook but thank you. I'm trying to use my PC now even though it isnt portable.

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