Can't upload sketches (or at least seems like)

Hi I bought an Arduino and started to program with it. I uploaded a few sketches, used a LED, an I2C accelerometer and finally a screen but... now some things don't work :~ Simply, when I started using the screen with this code (, because it's an Adafruit screen, the screen and the Arduino were working (screen was showing psychedelic shapes as in the code), but every time I uploaded to the Arduino, Windows played the device removed sound (but the Arduino worked, and the code was updated on it). So today I wanted to create my own code (because the other one was the exemple) so I created a little one, simple which was just showing a black then white screen :

void setup() {
  tft.fillScreen(ILI9340_WHITE); //I wasn't sure of the color WHITE but it compiled without any problem...

And the loop was totally empty. I wanted to upload but it started to do what we could call an Harlem Shake... It started saying there wasn't any Arduino on the COM9 port, so I saw it was now COM10 (even if just before it was COM9), then it showed this error message :

avrdude: ser_send(): write error: sorry no info avail

With something just up (but I don't have it now :( ) So I retried and it did not work. I unplugged the screen (it is on the ICSP and two pins) to have only the Arduino, now when I upload it plays the device removed sound and seems not to work and if I open the serial monitor in the IDE it won't open (but the window is created, but can't switch to it) and... that's all =( So if anyone has an idea... I'm running the latest Arduino IDE with an Arduino Micro and this screen : Thank you

the latest ide is all buggy on my windows 8/7 pc try stepping back a few versions maybe?