Can't upload to board since installing Galileo


I've been having problems uploading to Arduino since around the time I installed the Intel Galileo version of Arduino. Can't be sure it's the problem but I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times, tried using older versions etc. I'm using Mac OS El Capitan. The computer worked fine with Arduino before now.

The boards (I've tested with several Arduino Unos and a Duemianove) show up with the correct port name, but when I try to upload to the board, the program just gets stuck at 90% / Uploading...

Any ideas? I've tried running the software in 32 bit mode in case Java was the problem (didn't open so not sure). I've looked at the activity monitor to see if a Processing sketch was working in the background and blocking the COM port, but it didn't seem to be. I've tried deleting any instance of Arduino I can find, and no joy.

Helpful suggestions welcome!!

Does it also get stuck if you do a Sketch > Verify/Compile instead of trying to upload?

yes, it compiles just fine...

Please do File > Preferences > Verbose output during: Upload and then paste the entire console output here using code tags(</> button).