Can't upload to board Widows Vista

Dear friends,

I have Arduino UNO. It is connect to PC by COM8. I can not load program to Arduino >:( .
See the attachment. Please help me.

Best regards, Rafal

To help we would need more information. The screenshot you posted only lets us know that your sketch is compiling correctly.

Please enable verbose output for “uploading” by going to File → Preferences and then checking the box beside uploading. Post the output of that here in code tags, preferably in English, and I will do my best to help you.

See the attachment

Error.txt (20 KB)

Okay, it seems your computer is having a problem communicating with the board. Have you been sure to select the correct board and Port from the tools menu inside the IDE?

I have checked the option Arduino UNO and COM8 and everything is OK