Can't upload to pro mini, help me troubleshooting!

Hey Boys,

I have purchased a clone of pro mini, from here: I also use the SF FTDI Breakout V1.1, which should work fine with it. However, I have not been able to upload anything to the board. I am using Win7x64, and a USB cable of which I am sure that it is working. I also have selected the right COM port. I tried uploading using different settings in the Boards-menu. (i.e. duemilanove) I tried different baudrates, which I changed over the boards.txt file. I have pushed the reset-button before and while uploading, neither worked. I did the serial-communication-test, seems good. Nothing works, I always get the same error: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I have uploaded a short video of what happens when I try to upload. First, I plug in the USB-cable and the board and breakout do some blinking. I then click on upload (this is where I move in the video) and the board seems to get resetted successfully, then the breakout RX and TX diodes blink, then nothing.

What is wrong with that thing??

Have you tried selecting UNO in the Boards menu?

The website, you linked to, said it is using: "Bootloader: Arduino Uno Optiboot"


Uploading as uno doesn't work either :(

This is the breakout:


Okay, well. Hardware seems to be fine. I just tried another computer, it worked! I will try to refresh my arduino ide…


Yeah, well.. It doesn't work fully yet! What can be the reasons for it not working on my main machine? I redownloaded the arduino program and replaced it, alongside with the preferences.txt file. Not working, same error. Why is that? :(


directly or hub, both don't work.


What OS are you using.In MS windows you had to manuel install driver for USB.

I am running Win7x64. I thougt about drivers too, but I shouldn't need those, I guess. As I am using a Breakout, all the communication works over Serial communication, doesn't it?

Sorry for begging, but does anyone have any idea, what the cause for my problem might be?
I really don’t get it…