Can't upload to Seeeduino Stalker v1.o using USB and UartsBee 3.1


I am trying to upload the sample datalogger program for the Seeeduino Stalker 1.0 using Arduino software v. 0022. I have it set to ATIMega 168 Diecimilia et al., and am connecting via USB and UartsBee 3.1 serial to FTDI. All attempts have failed. Anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

Thanks, Dr. Guy


Have you tried to contact Icing Chang from Seeedustudio? He 'll be able to help you.




I found a thread that related to my issue on SeeedStudio's on forum and posted there as well. Hopefully I will get an answer there.

Thanks, Guy

Found the solution- remove XBee before trying to communicate with Stalker. Then everything works!